Monday, December 21, 2009

Arnold Palmer, MY FATHER

This is the story of my life as the son of Arnold Palmer. You may recognize the name; famous golfer, philantropist, pitchman, golf course designer, pilot, and of course, beloved father and husband. The world knows all the tournaments he has won, all the tense confrontations on the golf course with his contemporaries, all the orize money, all the awards, but the world does not know about me. Terry Poklar

Why am I writing my life story? There are a myriad of different reasons. Some of you out there have already put down my book and have damned me as a money grubbing son of a gun who has no right to defame a good man. I am writing my life story as a catharsis, as a way to come to terms with my frustration of not knowing my father. I know my father through books, magazines, television and radio. I know him from sports pages and the business section of the newspaper. I am intimately familiar with his successes and failures, but not of his touch or smell. Since I found out who my father was, I have been consumed with the desire to know the unknown, to complete the equation of my existence. The last twnety years have been a balancing act between everyday life and connecting with my father.